Real Estate App

My friend wanted to buy their first home. I am excited for them. Home ownership is something really exciting. I am happy for my friend and her family for they now finally decided to buy a home for them. I have suggested for her to download that real estate app. This app can come very handy when you are browsing for real estate anywhere. I could have used this app if I have known before. So, for those of you who are planning to invest in real estate, check the real estate app and see how it can help makes easier for you.


Promotional Items

I just received a magazine from hubby’s work and the magazine is all about company promotional items. There were tons of items in the magazine and I enjoyed browsing them. I love their promotional mugs. Call me crazy, but I love buying mugs for display purposes. I love the design of their mugs.

Well, to make the story short, after browsing the whole magazine, I ordered couple of items and I am just awaiting for them to be shipped.


Christmas Midnight Mass

I am glad that we attended that Christmas midnight mass. It was cold but it was so worth it. I feel like I am back home celebrating Christmas by attending a midnight mass. It was of course different but at least, it is something close to home.

Anyway, before the mass started there was a caroling. We intentionally went to the church early to make sure that we will be there for the caroling. It was nice. There were only few singers and two people who played the guitar. There was nobody who played the keyboard. There was a keyboard in the choir area but I didn’t know if it was a kurzweil keyboard or not.

Anyway, I feel like I started my Christmas right because we attended the mass. Merry Christmas again everyone.