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Summer Shoes

Goodbye boots for now. My boots are all neatly arranged in the closet. I said goodbye to them as I welcomed summer this year. Wearing boots is no longer comfortable having a weather that is either close to 90′s or above 90′s. It is too hot to wear boots. As I bid goodbye to my […]

Home Security

Home security is very important so that each of us will have peace of mind. In today’s world where crimes happened everywhere, nobody is safe anymore. Even in your own homes you are not safe that is why it is important to have security alarms that will be automatically triggered in case perpetrators are in […]

Postcard: Heinz Field

I received another postcard from Sheila Worthington.  She knows that our favorite NFL team is the Steelers thus she sent me the Heinz Field.  Thank you Mommy Shy. This is what is written at the back of the postcard. HEINZ FIELD Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Opened on August 25, 2001, with a seating capacity of 64,450, Heinz […]