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Young Okra

I love okra. When it is in season it is always affordable as many home growers will sell fresh okras in their own homes.  This is one of the good things living in Alabama.  Finding fresh vegetables is very easy as there are many people grows their own gardens. I can eat okra whether it […]

Buying a House

We live in an apartment and I am hoping that one of these days we can buy our own house.  I can’t wait for that dream to be realized because I have so many plans for our house.  I dream of owning a house which is at least 3 bedrooms and  2 baths. Every now […]

Massage Theraphy

I love massages.  I just don’t go to a spa to get a massage because it is too expensive and I don’t like spending money for a luxury that I can get at home.  Hubby can give a really good massage.  Whenever I asked him for a massage to ease my stiff shoulder he will […]