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Benefits of Using Permanent Makeup

Applying makeup daily can be a time-consuming daily routine. Modern science has developed a technique involving micropigmentation technology, which can solve a number of problems people face with the use of removable makeup. Permanent makeup offers a variety of treatments including permanent eyeliner colors, lip color, eyebrow color, eyelash enhancement, and many others. It might be […]


This is the first time that my daughter have seen a live star fish.  She was so fascinated with it.  She knows though that if you get the starfish out of the water, it will eventually die.  So she put the starfish back to the water.

Long Eyelashes

Every girl wants to have a long eyelashes. For those who are not blessed with long and curly eyelashes, most of them resort to using fake eyelashes. For those with long enough, they will aid it with eyelash curler and a good brand of mascara. My little girl is lucky because she has a long, […]