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Christmas Midnight Mass

I am glad that we attended that Christmas midnight mass. It was cold but it was so worth it. I feel like I am back home celebrating Christmas by attending a midnight mass. It was of course different but at least, it is something close to home. Anyway, before the mass started there was a […]

Acoustic Guitar

The blueridge guitar at guitar center is an affordable acoustic guitar. If you are looking for a guitar that is within your budget range, you should check it out. If guitar is not what you are looking for, you still can browse this website for more music instruments. They actually have tons of products that […]

Gibson Custom Guitars

It is true that there are too many guitars to choose from. When I looked up online the Gibson custom guitar, I was shocked at how much they cost. I mean, I am sure that I can’t afford this kind of guitar. Granted that they are famous and I bet made of high quality materials, […]