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Moby Dick Ride

Today was an AWESOME day as my 5 year old daughter describes. We were driving around when we saw the Carnival in Moody. My little girl together with her friend Alex got excited and were begging for us to take them there. How can you resist two begging girls? So, off we went to the […]


One of the things that my daughter looks forward to during Fridays is the time she can spend with her friend Alex. Friday afternoons (after class) are usually spent with Alex. They play together and have fun together. This duo is awesome. They don’t fight and argue. They always have fun. Andrea also love the […]

4th of July Fireworks

We didn’t do anything fancy today. We just stayed home. We grilled for dinner and after dinner we went to watch a local fireworks show. The fireworks show at Margaret, Alabama was scheduled at 8:30pm. We were there around 8pm making sure that we have the best seat available. While parked and waiting for the […]