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Promotional Items

I just received a magazine from hubby’s work and the magazine is all about company promotional items. There were tons of items in the magazine and I enjoyed browsing them. I love their promotional mugs. Call me crazy, but I love buying mugs for display purposes. I love the design of their mugs. Well, to […]

Who is Getting Married?

Every woman that I know of dreams of walking down the aisle in her best wedding dress. I think that is part of being a woman to dream of someday walking down the aisle. The beaming smile and the aura of a bride to be is just very striking. I have been married but I […]

24/7 Frenzy: Polka Dot Halter Swim Set

Summer has officially begun few days ago but for us here in Alabama, our summer has already started ahead of many states. We have had good hot days, hot enough to enjoy the cool water in the pool. Summer means spending more time cooling off in the beach, in the pool, parks, splash pads and […]