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Why Live in Turkey?

Many people especially in the western world decide to live in Turkey because of the wonderful weather as it offers four seasons. Turkey is a EuroAsia you will have easy access to different countries of Europe and Asia. By just a 5-hour flight you can be in so many countries already. Istanbul, Turkey is a […]

The Top 5 Longest Highways in the World

Introduction   There are many highways in the world. They are often categorized as the busiest, the wildest, the widest, the highest and of course the longest. We have highways that are labelled as the ones where you get the most tickets, have the most accidents and the most deaths. Highways are international, national, interstate […]

London’s Nightlife

London is known for its very alive night life. Its vibrant club scene has put London on the map as the capital of cool. You wouldn’t miss London’s night life if you want to experience endless fun. They have superclubs that are most known as among the biggest and best known places to party. They […]